About Me

Hi All,

This is my place, my retreat, when the world becomes too much for me to bear, I come here to open my heart and write.

Academically I have done BSc Home Science, however my flair for writing and love for words introduced me to the world of journalism. I enjoyed my stint in the field of journalism as a reporter, correspondent, features writer, sub-editor, and Assistant Editor.

However it’s not a profession for married women, so I change my field and entered into copy writing. Believe me it’s all the more fun, as you can let your creative juices flow through your pen or your nibble fingers on the keyboard. Hehehehehehehe.

I am here to satisfy some more creative juices of mine and to bore you guys with my writings/thoughts. Just Kidding.

Hope you will like my blog.

Thanks for taking out time and reading this. 

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. So! A Journalist? No wonder!I too have some first hand experience of “journalism” with The Hindu,what say?

    Since you are in to ‘copy writing’ now,may I request you to let your ‘creative juice’ flow and write a ‘nice’ about us for ‘OUR’ blog!

    May I also request you to join and suggest in ‘OUR’ effort.
    write back,if you wish @

  2. Hi Swati!
    Thanks for the follow. It was good to meet you at indiblogger meet. and now its good to meet you here. stay in touch. 🙂

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