It was an opportunity sent from the heaven above when a friend uploaded a facebook post requiring a beauty blogger who could review the newly opened salon in Dwarka – Artisans!

Artisans – Beauty Is An Art And Science

Artisans – where beauty is not just skin deep but a matter of habit, where each treatment is an ART.

Don’t get fooled by the exteriors of this salon situated in the sector 12 of Dwarka sub city, instead step into the interiors that are world class with state of the art beauty treatments available and  well-qualified staff that is eager to offer their best services to the clientele. ‘Artisans’ is your salon if you are seeking miscellaneous to specific beauty and hair treatments. Especially like me if you are seeking some long-term solution for dull, frizzy hair and turn them into smooth and shiny crowning glory just like the shiny hair showed in the TV commercials.

Oh yes, see it to believe it or rather experience it to believe the magic they weave on your hair. It does feel like magic when the extremely talented staff with their age-old experience and expertise not only recognises the problem area in your hair but also offer sustainable treatment as well. From the moment you step into the swanky interiors to the time you are there for your treatments you are the revered guest who will be treated like a prince or princess.

Greeted by an ever smiling receptionist you are taken to the area where a hair consultant after a brief chat and introduction about your daily hair care routine and how much damaged your hair are. Post a consultant gives his or her solution ideas to you; it is time for a hair expert who checks your hair’s tenacity (tensile strength) and texture. Depending on her analysis she suggests the hair treatment customised especially for you.


Hair consultant advising a client on her hair and the treatment she may require

Dryness & Brittleness – My Crowing Glory’s Twin Troubles

So what was I advised? In my case the hair expert identified three problems – frizz or dryness, brittleness or weak hair, and dry, itchy scalp that were scaling really bad. However there were three problems – the first two were the important ones as they were causing me major distress.

Problem identified, solution devised, Ajay who was to give me the hair spa set to work step by step to ensure that I get maximum benefit from the hair spa. Starting from shampoo to both clean and clear any residue of henna from my hair. Incidentally I was told not to use henna on my hair ( that can be another blog albeit a short one). Once shampoo was done and the excess water drenched out with the towel wrapped in a turban style.

IMG_20180310_183612 (1).jpg

It was the salon’s launch day as there was a huge cake and celebration going on as some of the renowned beauty bloggers interacted with each other and the staff members to understand the various hair treatments being given to them or to others. Coming back to my treatment once my hair were optimally damp, Ajay applied the power mix hair pack on hair targeting the earlier identified twin problems and left it for 10 minutes. He said 10 minutes is an enough time for the pack to create its magic on my hair. Post 10 minutes I was given a thorough rinse.

Next step was a haircut to get rid of the dead hair or split ends as we know them. Ajay suggested me a hairstyle that didn’t require any particular parting so I went for a hairstyle that I could styled in any way I wanted. A haircut and a blow dry later my hair were smooth as silk and shiny as gold.


Will I recommend this salon to my friends? You bet I will. In fact I am going again for my hair spa to this salon only. Way to go Artisans for making me a princess for one week – unfortunately that’s how long one treatment lasts. But it was worth it.



Selfie with the guys who gave me hair spa and made me look beautiful Ajay and Lakshaya