Fourth Day of the challenge and the letter is D! D is for desserts and dry fruits. How boring you all must be thinking. And why not? Everyone knows about desserts, their varieties and even the recipes. Dry fruits what is there to write about them, but then here is the twist – D is not just for desserts and dry fruits but it is the D for Desserts and Dry fruits for Diabetic patients.

Almost half of my family is diabetic including the hubby and incidentally all of them are fond of sweets and I have a tough time in controlling their sweet cravings so here’s what I do when they want to have sweets, because I know that when you deprive someone of something they will go for it clandestinely, so better to give them desserts and dry fruits that are healthy for a diabetic patients.

Usually the doctors say that you can have whatever sweet you want to have but in moderation. So what is the key to enjoy your favourite desserts and which dry fruits help you in keeping your sugar levels in control let’s read! First we will talk about desserts. While preparing desserts for a diabetic patient keep in mind that crystallised sugar that we most commonly use is the worst enemy of them, so avoid using it while making desserts. In addition avoid using sugar free pills or powder or any such powder, as that will affect your heart. No, I am not trying to scare you just stating the facts to you. Instead use natural sweeteners like fresh fruits, jiggery and honey while preparing desserts for a diabetic patient.

When I had planned this post I had no idea that I will do it this way but as I wrote the other three posts this one made more sense. Since there are diabetic patients in my family, I did little more research on diabetes friendly desserts and I found that one can still enjoy their desserts if one follow certain guidelines like restricting it for special occasions and eating in moderation. There are numerous sites from where you can pick up diabetes friendly desserts’ recipe and let your family enjoy their sweet craving. Here are some of the links that you may try:



I am sure if you search the Internet you will find many more such recipes. Now coming to dry fruits for a diabetic patient, there are such no restrictions on eating dry fruits for a diabetic patient but the only condition is to remember to eat it in moderation. Nuts are supposed to be rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals thus quite good for both a healthy and a diabetic person. Overnight soaked almonds are good for a diabetic patient and so are raisins soaked overnight in water but since raisins are little sweet in taste and flavour, they should be consumed in moderation. Here are more links for diet tips for diabetic patients.



With the hope that this will help you in learning more about diabetic person’s diet!

Happy Wolfing Everyone!