This Valentine’s Day surprise each other with the wonderful gift of love from USHA! Yes, not just her or him but each other, as USHA brings you a quick and healthy cooking option – Halogen oven. Acclaimed as a smart choice oven for a healthy and active lifestyle – halogen oven – with its revolutionary techniques can cook 40 percent faster than any traditional method with less oil, thus ensuring healthy cooking and of course eating. So this valentine’s day bring home this smart cooking option and get ready to woo your loved one.

We are sharing one recipe as well for you to prepare and enjoy this Valenitine’s Day

Vanilla Cherry Cake


½ tin condensed milk (milk-maid), ½ cup milk, approx.

½ cup (75 gm) white butter, 3 tbsp. powdered sugar

100 gms. (1 cup) maida, ¼ cup cornflour

½ tsp. level soda-bicarb, 1 tsp. level baking powder

1 tsp. vanilla essence, 2 tbsp. cocoa powder

A big baking tin of 7-8” diameter

10-12 glace cherries – cut into thin round slices, 1 tspmaida


Grease and dust a round cake tin of 8” diameter. Sift Maida with corn flour, soda-bicarb and baking powder. Keep aside. Mix sugar and butter. Beat till very fluffy. Add milk-maid. Beat well. Add 3-4 tbsp.Maida and mix well. Add half the milk. Beat well. Add essence.

Add the remaining Maida and the milk beating well after the addition. Beat well for 3-4 minutes till the mixture is smooth and light. Mix cherries with 1 tsp.Maida to coat dry fruits. Add half of the cherries to the batter and mix well. Pour the batter in a greased and lined tin.

Sprinkle the left over cherries on the cake to cover it well. Put the cake tin on the low rack in the USHA Halogen Oven. Press cake mode. Set the temperature to 150°C and time to 40 minutes and press start to bake. When the beep comes, check with a tooth pick. Leave to cool for 5-10 minutes in the tin. Remove from tin on to a wire rack.

You can cut and make decorate it as you wish like cupcakes or serve with ice cream. Perfect and easy to make Vanilla Cherry Cake for your Valentine is ready.

About the oven: USHA Halogen Oven uses a unique air fry technology to cook the food. The oven is a perfect blend of technology, elegance and utility. Multifunctional, it can replace 9 different kitchen appliances to bake, grill, deep fry, and roast or defrost. The smart digital panel presets to set the time and temperature for the large variety of delicacies from across the world. A circular filament filled with the inert Halogen gas, lights up to create a powerful, intense heat for cooking. This heat is equally distributed inside through the fan inside, ensuring uniform cooking perfected by the preset controls of the digital panel. Unlike in a microwave where the infrared rays excite the water and fat molecules instead of real heating, in a halogen oven the heat is intense and dissipated well resulting in better cooking.

Priced at just INR 8995, the oven comes with 12L capacity and 1 year warranty.