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Awesome was my reaction as I finished reading the last line and awesome was the word that escaped my lips, as I shut the book close and wondered about the characterisation, the narrative and the narration and this is what came to my mind – story –superb, characterisation – clear and concise, narration – fast paced, and entertaining!

Yes, it was quite entertaining for someone like me who doesn’t understand the world of gaming or banking this was a book that cleared my doubts. And I thought to myself that it was good thing I selected this book for reviewing, because I know for sure that if I was at a bookstore I wouldn’t even have picked this book! No don’t get me wrong the book is amazing, it is just me who didn’t like to read any fiction related to gaming, or banking (both go over my head, frankly). But then when I saw the book on Blogadda and read the synopsis at the back I thought let me give it a try.

So here I am – after reading the book, which I must emphasise here is a fast paced page turner I found three things: 1 The book is about banking but in a revolutionary manner or rather I should say in a more digitised manner with the introduction of BITCOINS – the new currency with which you can buy or sell anything over the Internet without opening an account in any bank. 2. TOR or The Onion Router is the next big thing in the world of Internet that can be used both negatively as well as positively. 3. The world of gaming is not that dull after all there are various levels of planning, designing, testing and execution before we can even play our favourite games online or our phones. 4. Politicians and hi-profile people are human beings with same needs but more greed and are always hungry – for power that is!

The book takes us from Washington’s Congress to New Delhi’s finance ministry, the beaches of Goa to the corporate boardrooms of Mumbai. From hidden identities to clandestine affairs, the drug peddlers to the experienced and seasoned programmers, Ravi Subramanian has built a world where a reader gets involved like one of the characters and it gets difficult to judge who is right and who is wrong.

The world where the value of money is nothing and the digital money BITCOINS rule the roost, where everything is make believe and you can’t trust anybody because everyone wears a mask – mask of sophistication! The story starts from two high profile rival company CEOs meeting each other to discuss some fiasco and then they are joined by the Senator. And from here goes viral (as is the term used in Internet and gaming language) and the reader is hooked onto it. From there the reader travels from the luxury of his/her home to all the cities in the USA, beaches of Goa (enjoys a rave party there) and then comes back to Mumbai for some serious work.

Though this is my first book of the author Ravi Subramanian, I can clearly vouch for the fact that he is going to be the best thriller author in the coming years. In all the years that I have read thrillers (mostly by John Grisham that are courtroom drama), this is the best one I have come across by an Indian author and I can proudly say that Indian authors and writing has definitely come out of age and is making its impact in the international market. Pick up this book if you love reading! Believe me you will not be disappointed!