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It is so shameful and hurting when the people sitting at influential seats throw insensitive and racist remarks and then backtrack by saying that it was all a joke. I am referring to this news where the popular Russian coach first called Serena and Venus Williams as ‘Williams Brothers’ and then said that they were scary to look at. However, when he was issued a ban from the women’s tennis he backtracked from his statement saying that he was just joking.

JOKING!!! REALLY!! Mr Tarpischev were you joking when you questioned women’s gender and said they are scary to look at. You were joking when you unabashedly called them Williams Brothers — even a person who doesn’t know much about sports and tennis knows about Williams Sisters.

My Concern

My concern is not what he thought or called them (he is just one of those patriachs whocan’t the success of women sportingly) my concern is about people sitting at influential positions throwing racist remarks so casually in their conversations that a normal human being feels it is fine to use those remarks in daily use. Thus spreading the disharmony, resentment and a perfect ambience for a war to break-out. Women all around the world are being targeted for their colour, physique and what not. I wonder when we will have a world free of racism and gender inequality?