On the occasion of Dussehra one of the leading newspapers of the country Times of India had published an advertorial saying – Ravana advertorial Many Dussehras Gone, But Ravana still lives on….(this is bold all caps font) and below in the readable font size is this message – In lustful eyes, in wicked intentions, in the many social evils that threaten our women. This time, let us pledge to kill him for good, emerge victorious over the many crimes. Let us proclaim a safer India, where every woman can hold her head high and move around in total freedom. Along with the jargon of expressing your views on the matter! And finishing the entire thing with another melodramatic line – Raise your voice and burn him down.

Well I do have an opinion regarding the Ravana still living on because these creatures (forgive me I don’t cherish the thought of calling them humans) who commit crimes against women are worst than the king of demons was. Yes he did lust after Sita but never did he touch her because he was a man enough to know his limits. But today it seems that entire demons community has taken over the humans and committing such heinous crimes against women. Yes, we need to burn the effigies of Ravana and his brothers but we also need to remember that we need to first burn the root cause of these crimes committed against women and then only can we create an environment that is safe for women not just in India but all over the world.

On this Dussehra if all of us take a pledge to teach our sons that their women counterpart is no less than them and that they deserve the same respect as them then slowly and steadily, one step at a time we will be able to dissolve the gender difference and create a society where a woman will be able to roam freely with her head held high. And till then we can only hope and pray for such society.