For all those who have travelled by air or want to travel by air, the book Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya can make for an interesting guide. Through the book the author talks about his numerous travels by the air to various countries and places and his experiences at the airport, on flight and off-flight.

Piparaiya in his unique style of humour has mentioned anything and everything possible that can go wrong through your air transit from – baggage loss, to missing the connecting flight because the first flight was not on time, to food, the horrendous coffee and of course the crowd.

Though the book is meant to be humorous with tongue in cheek humour there are places where I found the book dragging! The spark was missing at some places where a good editing could have saved the manuscript, as overall the book made for a good one-time read.

For a debutant author in a non-fiction category it is a unique topic with a personal take on everything that one goes through when one is travelling by air – from the time the ticket is booked to the time one reaches his or her final destination.
It is adieus from one flight to another.