Z is for Zindagi that will rock again and that will breathe again with a new hope. Z is for Zindadilli we girls have shown time and again when things have not gone our way. And Z is for us the ZENANAs of the society – without whom this society will cripple and fall down for you see it is the woman who makes a home out of a house –whether these patriarchs want to believe or not – they are nothing without their women folk.

Pack all the women of their house to their mothers’ house and ask these men to do to the household jobs – I am sure they are going to make a mess of it. And we women the ZENANAs of the society are expected to work outside homes and manage homes and be expert in both the fields. So Z is for us the ZINDADILI of all the ZENANAS of the world!

Take a bow, ladies for without you this world is incomplete whatever patriarch society may say, think or do!