X is for XY or XX – the age-old dilemma of our society. Since the time immemorial the birth of a XX (daughter) has been seen as a burden on the Indian parents with relatives adding their acid comments like now you will only have to save, save and save more. Forget about spending and start saving from today itself else you will not have sufficient money for her dowry. And the comments change into sugar coated praises if the new born is a XY (boy).

This XX or XY fight is the result of patriarchal thought process that doesn’t see a daughter beyond a burden on the family expenses, and the carrier of numerous tensions. XX or daughters and daughter-in-laws are considered as the honour of the family hence they are restricted to talk to men outside their homes. And heaven forbid if a girl crosses a line then the answer is honour killing. Yes, the honour killing – where innocent girl and boy are either shot to death or killed mercilessly.

Similarly if the daughter –in –law gives birth to a baby boy she is praised to heaven and fed with loads of delicious and nutritious food but if she gave birth to a daughter then all hell breaks loose on her and she is treated badly. Ironically, the patriarchs of the society don’t realise the fact that a birth of daughter or son is basically in their son’s hands – after all he is the XY and the woman is XX all that scientific logic explains that it is son who is responsible for the birth of son or daughter.

But unfortunately the patriarchal society does not like to take any responsibility but is ready to blame the womenfolk because it shifts the focus from them and put it onto the women – a weaker sex according to them.