V is for Violence that women face every day in their lives. Whether it is domestic violence, sexual abuse men don’t really think twice before being violent with their wives and girlfriends. Disturbing pattern is that even women are party to this violence. Hitting, verbally abusing is pretty common in many households. And it is normal for a man to raise his hand or his voice on his wife but if the wife raises her voice the first person to stop you will be his mother – a woman again.

Violence in any form negates the right to quality life and also teaches kids that it is ok to be violent to get what you want. The result is that children also start treating their moms violently. They answer her back because they have seen their father, and grandparents doing it.

Violence in any form attacks the confidence of the victim and can reduce even the confident working woman into a shy, hesitant one who is scared to open her mouth. The lady becomes nervous and talks with her hand on her mouth because she is scared to say anything that can instigate the violence.

Let’s speak up against violence and the violent men of the society.