U is for Umbrella (condom) not for us! Chattri in Hindi and umbrella in English is the most common synonym for Condoms used by the shy population of India – that does not talk about safe sex, condoms and other contraceptives openly. For the country that does not talk about intimacy, safe sex and condoms openly, it is not surprising that there are cases of rape, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS amongst women.

Do you know that wearing a condom oops sorry umbrella is consider as an insult to the manhood in some communities and women are not allowed to use any sort of protection either. Allowed is a mild term for what women go through. It is also seen that the families where the man is violent and domestic violence is the order of the day in such homes women don’t have much say and also in such cases there have been instances where the man is known to have multiple partners apart from the wife at home. (Have written a short story on it from the prompt I got from a fellow blogger and will be posting that as well soon)

Men don’t like to use condoms because they feel it is against their masculinity. I am not saying that all men are like that but there are men who feel that using condom sorry umbrella means that they are not capable of giving pleasure and that hurts their ego. It is not just in India that there are men who don’t like to wear condoms it is the case in America as well. In this link a fellow blogger Jazz Shaw at http://www.themoderatevoice.com have clearly said that it is the difference in pleasure that men detest wearing a condom and don’t mind putting women at risk for numerous STDs.

And that’s the reason they say that Umbrella is not for us – meaning condoms is not for us!