T is for Third Sex and trafficking of girls for prostitution! Well when I had started the challenge I was pretty sure of my T but while doing the challenge I came across some photo session done by a friend and an information that on April 16, 2014, Supreme Court of India had granted the status of Third Gender/Sex to transgender, gays and lesbians and also have provided them with the right to start a family. A new lease of life to all the people belonging to the third sex!

Maybe things will improve for the transgenders of the society because other than the sex workers this is the most abused strata of the society. The third sex people especially the transgenders or the eunuchs who in the local parlance are known as Hijras face abuse from all sorts of people – Police, bus and auto-rickshaw drivers – these people have used and abused eunuchs at almost every occasion. The transgender face sexual abuse from the low-income group of the society like police constables, vegetable vendors, washer men and daily wage labours among others.

If they are good looking and have feminine looks then they are also included in the weddings of wealthy patrons for some item numbers and also pleasing the guests of the party. And we all know the kind of parties wealthy people have.

Another T that needs attention is the TRAFFICKING. Yes T is for Trafficking as well. Trafficking of the girls for prostitution, domestic labours and begging. Prostitution is all about sex trade we all know that but did you know that as a domestic help too young girls are used, abused and then thrown away to fend for themselves. Where do they go – to the brothel or begging? Beggars are also abused by the people who make them beg – the cases of drug abuse, sexual abuse and sodomy are quite common in the begging industry. Yes it is an industry.

So T is for Trafficking and Transgenders abuse and our need to stop it.