S is for sex workers and sexual abuse they face in the name of profession they are in and the services they offer. Just because they are sex workers doesn’t mean that they are not human beings with self respect and dignity. In most of the cases sex workers are treated as objects of pleasure by the male customers who pay money for all the dirty things they do with these ladies and they can’t say no – they don’t have the right to say no.

I was reading in a leading magazine for women couple of years back how these sex workers are treated shabbily by both the wealthy patrons and the pimps of the brothel. Some of the demands of the customer are atrocious and some downright insulting read the quotes from sex workers in the story. The general belief in India as far as prostitutes or sex workers are concerned is not healthy and thus restore to inhuman behaviour with them.

Stories of sex workers around the world are same – they need money to support their family and no other job gives them such huge amount. For instance when Ruth W. Messinger the president of American Jewish World Service, met a sex worker in Thailand she was amazed to know that the lady – a mother of three – had a choice but chose prostitution as her means to earn money because that gave her (a) enough time with her kids, (b) hefty money to put them in good schools.

In India, sex workers or Vaishyas as they are called in Hindi are treated without any respect and the holier than thou customers who visit them have strange sexual fantasies, which they can’t enact with their partners, spouse hence come to these women. One sex worker revealed that a customer had fantasies of making out with a bride so I had to dress up as a bride complete with the bridal jewellery and the gajra, which he then loved taking them off before he did the act. Another customer had a fantasy of beating the woman black and blue before he made it out with her – yes these are horrendous tales of abuse but these ladies face this day in and day out without complaining.

P.S. Today I would like to thank the admins of A to Z challenge! It is only because of this challenge I am able to write on the topics I have been sitting on for too long. Thank you – T is really confusing should it be T for Trafficking or T for Third Sex. Please help.