R is for Rape – a social stigma on our civilised society. Rape the word itself conjures images that are heart wrenching and mind numbing; hence it is difficult to imagine the situation in which the girl finds herself after the heinous crime is committed. So what exactly do we mean by rape and what can we do make ourselves safe. However, before we learn about the definition, we have to understand that rape under no circumstances is a woman’s fault. For the simple reason – man who has to behave like an animal will behave like one without a woman’s provoking.

Definition of Rape

Rape has been defined as a forced sex and that includes forcing a body part in the woman’s vagina, rectum or mouth. Rape is a result of animal lust in men who under the heavy influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance abuse just don’t remember what they are doing.

Rape and its consequences

The consequences whatever they maybe have to be borne by woman and not the rapist because it was not a rapist fault that a girl was raped. It was the girl’s fault and that’s how the patriarchal society wants everyone to believe – she was raped because she was wearing a – provocative short dress, salwar kameez without duppatta, she was out in the night alone or with a man (it doesn’t matter who the man is – could be brother, cousin, or even a father) a man is a man is a man. The main consequence a rape victim has to face is ‘victim blaming’ like I said earlier whatever the case it is always woman’s fault.

Rape and Emotional trauma

Rape is not just a sexual assault on a woman in fact it is a emotional attack on her senses and as a result she can go into depression, try to kill herself or just lose her senses and start behaving like a woman possessed. Even if she manages to come out of this stage the nightmares continue and a woman becomes scared of intimate relations for the life.

Rape as I said is a heinous crime and when certain politicians try to pass it off as a mistake by boys in their youth they are supporting the crime and making it easier for the culprits to commit the crime and be scot free. If rape is a crime then gang rape is a crime of a barbarian order – where men behave like animals and take turns with a woman.

So as a society let’s raise our voices against Rape and make this society a safe place for women.