Q is for Quality life for both women and children – something that they both deserve but rarely get. Until and unless we start treating women as at par with men and till the time the patriarchal thinking is not uprooted from the society the women in our society can’t feel safe. And after Azam Khan’s statement that we are not criminals to say sorry – the hope for a safe society for our women and children is a distant dream.

Q is for the question that every woman is asking these days – where is the safety – we wear decent saris we get ogled at, gang-raped or worst case scenario – get raped by our own husbands. And this Question is the most important one because without this there can be no Quality of life for the backbones (women) and the future of our society (children).

For all those who disagree with me when I call women the backbones of this society here’s a little truth – A child is born from a woman’s womb and it is she who makes this society civilised. If there had been no women in the society, men would have had their way and that would have been – drinking and making merry. There would have been no cooking, cleaning and washing because the PATRIARCHAL MINDSET FINDS ALL THESE TASKS BELOW THEIR DIGNITY AS IT IS A WOMAN’S JOB!