P is for Politicians who wield their power on common man and exploit young women for their pleasure and Police which stands witness to this exploitation yet do nothing to protect the honour of the girl. Over the years the growing cases of women being sexually exploited by the powerful politician has gone up.

There is a deadly combination of power and politics that lures young women and thus making these innocent girls fall prey to the evil clutches of these politicians. Whether the woman is a bar dancer or a house maid these politicians high on their power don’t care for that. Even our movies show how the drunken politicians and senior police officers enjoy an evening of scantily clad girls dancing to vulgar lyrics and shaking their booty.

The politicians in real life organise farm house parties where they invite sex workers, bar dancers to gyrate on item numbers while they get drunk and lust on them. And with politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav (who calls rape as a mistake) it is not a surprise that these women are sexually exploited after the party.

Till the time Patriarchal thinking is not uprooted from its roots we can’t protect the women of this country where the women is considered nothing but an object to give pleasure to man.

P.S. The original P post was on Prostitutes and abuse but then I realise it won’t cover all theose women who suffer sexual abuse daily hence it will be covered as Sex Workers and Abuse!