O is for older generation and how they are subjected to mental as well as physical abuse! Yes, even in India! Till few years back India was not the country that could have indulged in abusive behaviour towards their seniors. But the sudden rise in the old age homes is a proof that the abuse towards older family member is on the rise and hence many old people are taking refuge in these old age homes.

In the case of old people or elderly neglecting their needs, and not listening to their suggestions is equivalent to abuse. In a country where the elders have always been revered it is little shocking to know what the figures reveal? According to HelpAge India the figures reveal that every one in three senior citizen has been abused and in most of the cases the abuser is none other than the son, followed by daughters and daughter-in-laws. Like the pattern is in most cases of abuse the abuser gain his strength from the silence of the victim so is the case in older people abuse. Senior citizen stay quiet in order to protect their family honour and the family members take undue advantage of this.

If we look at the statistic, we would be shocked to know how the older family member is duped of his or her entire savings before being dumped either in front of an old age home or on the streets of an unknown place to fend for themselves. While researching I came across cases that have been heart wrenching and left me wondering – aren’t these kids scared of the fact that their children will do the same thing with them (duping all their property and money and abandoning them on the streets to fend for themselves or just die). After all kids do learn by seeing than by words because in their worlds action is louder than words.

I live in a joint family but we dare not raise our voices against our in-laws, as they are heads of the house. But when one hears such incidents about older people abuse the only question that comes to mind is Why India’s youth are abandoning their elderly parents? There are numerous reasons that an average urban Indian can give but the most common one is that expenses are increasing and we can’t bear his or her expenses; there is no space or space constraint is the main reason. Too many a times it is the elder people who with their not needed advice and suggestions drive the young generation mad and hence they find a way to get rid of them.

With the hope that Indian sons and daughters will realise their folly and take care of their elderly parents and offer much needed love and support in their last days!