N is for Nirbhaya – yes the same NIRBHAYA who fought her injuries as courageously and positively as she could! N is for all those Nirbhayas who have the guts to stand up against the society and fight for their rights with dignity and courage.

Two years back the capital of the nation reported a gang-rape case that created a furore in the country demanding for more stringent laws for women’s protection but two years post the Nirbhaya’s case we still hear cases of gang-rapes. The case of Nirbhaya was different in numerous ways. It was barbaric in nature, it was a case of right people at the wrong time and it was also a case of drunken men out to have some fun in the name of rape or sexual abuse of a lone woman.

Post Nirbhaya case the safety concerns in the city got divided into two periods – pre and post Nirbhaya case – ironically both didn’t have much difference. There were many programmes that were started to ensure women’s safety but none could actually guarantee protection to women and there were news of gang-rapes increasing day by day in the city. And these rapists were not scared of anyone it seemed – male escorts were brutally beaten and girls were raped by the gang of rapists – in a broad daylight, in the dark corners of the city or in the moving buses.

Post Nirbhaya case the media became active and started reporting almost all the cases that they could find and lay their hands on but the police, and the courts took their time in either catching the criminals or passing the judgment. But it seemed that rapists were having a field day with committing a crime and living a life of no tensions and no worries, as the parents of the victims ran form pillar to post in the hope of justice.

So after almost two years of Nirbhaya case what has changed in Delhi? Are we safe? NO! Are there any women police constables to hear our plight? I guess not. The CM’s helpline that was started for destitute women doesn’t work so basically the women of Delhi are not safe at all and if they wish to remain safe and feel safe then they need to be on the alert all the time. WELL WE ARE! ALERT ALL THE TIME I MEAN! AREN’T WE GIRLS?