J is for JURY that immediately condemns the victim instead of criminal, JUSTICE that is never done to an abused victim and JUDGMENT that is seldom in the favour of a victim or her family (if she is no more). When I had chosen this topic for the letter J I had no idea that I will get a recent example to air my views but thanks to our regressive leaders I am forced to believe that we women are not safe in this country and the three Js – JURY, JUSTICE and JUDGMENT – will never favour the crux of the society – we the WOMEN.

Post the Mulayam Singh Yadav’s views on – capital punishment for rapists – the entire womenfolk of the country is going through one emotion and that is – NO WE ARE NOT SAFE AND WE CAN”T BE SAFE IF OUR LEADERS HAVE THIS MINDSET TOWARDS RAPISTS. Shameful it is! This is the India we are showcasing the world – wherein the leaders of the country say that “ladke hain galti ho jati hai.” Sorry Mr PM CANDIDATE but you don’t deserve to be our leader forgets about the dream of becoming the Prime Minister. For if you came into the power then this country is going to retrace its step in the past and not move ahead in the future.

Yes, my previous post suggested that the crimes against women is not an Indian issue but an International one but they do have pretty strict laws against the crimes against women. And above all they do give a fair hearing to the victim and not condemn them for their dresses, or their behaviour in the public. In the country (read India) where the leaders have this regressive thinking, imagine the JURY that too comprises of men (of course with similar mindset). So is there any wonder that the JUSTICE to the rape victim or a victim of domestic violence too late in coming, where the JURY is JUDGMENTAL about the victim and gives a benefit of doubt to the accused and not the victim.

Rape cases go un-reported not because the victim is scared or something but for the simple reason that the lady will be subjected to ridiculous questions in the court regarding her rape. Sorry not ridiculous INSENSITIVE questions; questions that assault her mentally. As a country if we need to make a progress then we surely need to make the rape laws more stringent. And if possible VOTE OUT LEADERS WHO HAVE REGRESSIVE THINKING!

It is possible that capital punishment may not be sufficient for a rapist because it spells an easy death; I feel that they should be treated exactly the way they were handled in the movie Zakhmi Aurat! For those who don’t have a clue what I am talking about please watch the movie or read its story and then air your views on this post.

Remember it is our collective voice that will make the difference and not our silence!