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‘I’ is for Insensitivity towards the International problem of crime against women. I know, I know it’s not an appropriate I to use here but believe me when I was researching and reading about numerous crimes against women, I realised that the issue is not a growing concern in India but instead it is an international problem. Global or International problem where the women are sexually assaulted, severely beaten (domestic violence), and still expected to smile as if nothing has happened.

If you browse the internet, or read a newspaper you will come to know that the issues of crimes against women are not in India but also in the developed countries. America reports the highest number of domestic violence cases (and I thought India was leading). And then I realised the difference there the case gets reported, (yes every case gets reported and the abuser is not let scot free he is punished severely for his crime.

In India too there are organisations that are doing their bit to protect girls and help them fight their battles. Crimes against women are increasing at an alarming rate and women are feeling insecure even in the closed walls of their homes because the abuser is generally a known person to the victim. Initially when the crime rates were on the verge of increasing there was an uproar by the police and some of our leaders that crimes against women are increasing because of the inappropriate dressing of women and my question to them at that point was and still is – what is the proper dressing for a two year infant girl who was gang raped? What is the proper dressing for a pregnant lady who is on the verge of welcoming a new life?

It is not the women who instigate rapists, but the regressive mindset of men and some women who believe that there is a n invisible line of MARYADA that should not be crossed by any women and when that line is crossed they get assaulted. Ironically this line of MARYADA is only for women and not for men because for them the only line that we get to hear from the mothers of the assaulters is “Ladka hai phisal gaya, ho gayi galti”.

Talking about the crimes against women in other countries the situation is nothing but alarming with the soaring rates of violence against women and rape cases. Going by the facts and figures it seems that the entire world (read men and some women) is targeting women and is hell bent on eradicate them from the face of earth. Otherwise there is no reason for such insensitivity towards crimes against women.