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H is for HIV/AIDS – a dreaded disease that kills the person long before the death overtakes him owing to discrimination in the society. Human immunodeficiency virus infection/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is one of the most deadly diseases human beings could have come across. Not because it ultimately kills the person but because the affected person is abandoned by his family, boycotted from the society and is fired from his job. Numerous myths related to the disease add to the discomfort of the general public thus relating in discrimination in the society.

The general assumption of anyone suffering from HIV/AIDS is that he or she must have had multiple sex partners. Yes that is one of the reason of getting AIDS form the infected person but the truth is that there are other means and ways too by which a person can get AIDS. And some of the myths that affect the behaviour of the society towards an HIV positive person include –

HIV spreads through contact with the HIV/AIDS positive person. Nothing is farther from the truth as this statement. HIV/AIDS don’t spread by coming in contact of the affected person. The only way HIV/AIDS gets transmitted from an affected person to a healthy person is through transfusion of infected blood, mother’s milk, infected vaginal fluid and semen.

Talking about myths there have been several only because there is a lack of information we have about the disease. Though there is everything given on the internet but the power of misconception related to AIDS is such that if a healthy person is found seeking information on the disease he is believed to be HIV positive otherwise why would he search for more information on the Internet. Hence many people shy away from upgrading their knowledge about HIV/AIDS. But then this is all known to us. So what is my aim to have this post today? Well the aim is to thrown light on domestic violence and its relation with HIV/AIDS.

Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS

Yes, they are related. In fact they have a deep relation with each other. It is believed that domestic violence is one of main reasons why women get infected with HIV/AIDS and are not able to voice out their fears. Domestic violence also results in situations where the women get into drug abuse or prostitution. Apparently a violent person never reveals his sexual partners and in most cases the practise of safe sex is ignored in domestic violence thus making the women an easy prey to the deadly disease.

It is seen in most of the cases when a husband is violent with his wife, he has multiple sex partners, or he is a drug abuser and in both the cases there are chances that he is HIV infected as well. And when this infected husband forces himself on his victimised wife he does not think of wearing a condom to protect her from the disease. Result? The entire family gets HIV infected and is boycotted from the society.

Organisations working to prevent and create awareness

There are numerous organisations working to create awareness about this deadly disease but it is a still an uphill task to educate people and to get them to behave normally with an HIV infected person. Only if we pledge to show zero tolerance to the people who discriminate we can hope to bring a change in the society. Till then try to gather as much information as you can on the topic and do spread a word from your side.

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