G is for the girl child! A pretty princess in her most innocent avatar, a divine gift from all the Goddesses for the parents to cherish and rejoice – your precious bundle of joy your DAUGHTER! Alas! That is not the case! She is considered as BURDEN, PARAYA DHAN, and a LIABILITY anything else except a precious gift. She is the reason fathers start thinking about the future. You may be thinking that all this is thing of past but that is not the case. Even today, there are just a handful of families who celebrate the birth of a girl child.

My Daughter My gift

Daughters are supposed to be a bundle of joy, as girls are considered as the avatar of Goddess Laxmi, but unfortunately in India though we revere numerous Goddesses and invoke their blessings on various functions when it comes to celebrate the birth of our daughters we become hesitant and start thinking of the society, and the impending expenditures. There are few families who feel that the mindset is changing, as girls are faring better than boys in most of the fields. But it is still an uphill task to bring everyone on the same platform and make them believe that your daughter is perfect as she is!

The government in order to spread awareness has created numerous adverts and programmes that celebrate the birth of a girl child. And one such scheme is Ladli Yojna, to improve the socio-economic status of girl child. The basic reason why Indian families shy away from the birth of a girl child is Dowry – an evil practice of our society. I believe that if we can eliminate this dowry system completely and change the mindset of current moms of sons then only can we create a safe haven for girl child and our daughters. (of course it is a just a tip of the iceberg and there are other issues as well that need to be dealt) But if we all take a pledge to create a safe place for our daugheters I think we can achieve a safe environment for our precious gems.

For all the parents (of both boys and girls) please do read this!