F is for Female Foeticide! Female Foeticide or death before birth is one of the growing problems in India owing to which the gap between the ratios of women vs. men is widening rapidly. The preference over the male child, the impending expenditure right from her birth till she dies are couple of reasons that families still have a preference over male child and thus the murdering of an unborn girl child.

Female foeticide or infanticide is one of the heinous crimes our society can and is committing against women. And the way it is still being practiced in our country just shows how much we respect our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. Respect is a distant thing; we don’t even give due credit to our women folk who manages both home and office with an equal grace. So what is female foeticide and are there any ways we can help in preventing it.

Definition and meaning

Female foeticide or infanticide is nothing but a sex-selective abortion based on the predicted sex of the baby. Generally it is done due to the familial pressures from husband, in-laws and some cases form the woman’s parents herself to bear a male child who will take the family name to the next generation.


Causes, Effects and Solutions

Like I said causes are numerous but the major ones are huge expenditures on dowry, and that is at a later stage before that there is an expenditure of her education and all the other baseless things the families in their minds. The preference over male child is not new in India and the plight of girl child has always been this sorry. However, it was hoped that with the changing times there will be shift in the mindset of the people but that it is not the case. In fact what is more surprising is the fact that it is the educated class who go in for sex detection and then abortion (though it is illegal to abort a pregnancy based on sex selection and the licences of those doctors can be permanently cancelled). Nobody cares because there is huge money involved for the doctors and the other medical staff so they choose to ignore.

The effect of all this is visible in the society when the girl and boy both are of marriageable age, parents find there is a dearth of brides forget about finding a suitable bride for their son, yet when it comes to female foeticide nobody stops and thing that long into the future. Couple of years back on May 6, 2012 to be precise, Aamir Khan did an episode on female foeticide in Satyamev Jayate, which revived the pace of action taken against the culprits but then again after sometime everything went quite.

Apparently in 2013 the Supreme Court ordered all states to effectively implement the law against sex selection to read further about the law please click here.

Remember killing anyone is a crime but killing an unborn child is a heinous crime and is rejection of God’s gift from heaven!

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