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When a certain NGO approached me with the information that April is the month of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month, I realised that CSA is another burning issue that is plaguing the entire world. And I am aghast at the facts and figures that shows that almost 90 percent of the kids are being molested everyday and at most times the molester is known to them. So I was determined to do a post on Child Sexual Abuse for A to Z challenge. But I will be doing three different posts on this topic for three different sites – one is for my blog, which I am doing, second I will be doing a post for Parentedge.in and the another one for the organisation tirelessly working for the cause.

Sexual abuse itself conjures up disturbing images and when it’s prefixed with child it becomes all the more disturbing, because kids most of the times don’t even realise what is happening to them or their bodies. They just feel dirty with the entire act and are scared to talk about to any adult for the fear of admonition from the adults. You know why? Well, because in most of the cases the abuser is the trusted adult – someone who is so gentle, kind-hearted and kids loving that if some kid was to take his name, he was sure to get reprimanded for his/her behaviour. There it comes again – Abusers, rapists, molesters all gain their strengths from SILENCE and SECRECY.

While I was researching for this topic there are lot of things that I came across and one of them was this quote by a renowned British author Beatrix Campbell – “Children’s bodies aren’t like automobiles with the assailant’s fingerprints lingering on the wheel. The world of sexual abuse is quintessentially secret. It is the perfect crime.”

Her words can’t be truer – the world of child sexual abuse is really dark, dirty and extremely secretive and it is this secrecy that the molester thrives on and repeats his shameless acts. Two years back Aamir Khan hosted an episode on Child Sexual Abuse and numerous kids came out in the open about their ordeal. It was difficult for them but I guess it was cathartic.

Today, thanks to the internet there are so many videos both animated and non-animated that talk about child sexual abuse and all of them have one message – Please listen to your children, they need your trust at this moment so please do give them some benefit of doubt. Because in most cases the molester is known to the entire family and can be your kid’s tuition teacher, your friend’s husband or anyone who is known to you.

According to the experts working to protect children against sexual abuse say that most of the time, kids know their abusers and the abuse occurs in the home. This makes it difficult for kids to speak up. They may feel trapped by the affection they feel for their abusers or fearful of the power the abusers have over them — so they stay silent. That’s why it’s especially important to be able to recognise the signs of child abuse.

With the hope that we will listen to our children I reiterate that Abusers, molesters, and rapists thrive on our silence so let’s break it and let’s shout loud! Let’s make some NOISE!