For this letter B post I wanted to use the word ‘Badmash’ but then I felt that badmash would be a too light word for the lust-oriented men – who don’t care whether the person they are pouncing on is a two-year old infant, three-year old toddler, pregnant lady, a mom, or even a grand mom – as badmash is the word we use for our little kids when they’re being naughty!

So the B post combines various things that are going in my mind and are bothering me to the extent that they are interfering in my day-to-day working. Being a woman, I know there is definitely more to us than just boobs, butts and outer beauty. But whenever I hear or read horror stories like a 40 year old gang-raped and left to die or a two to three year old girls being molested by the person who was suppose to protect them, I am left to wonder will there come a time when these ‘bekhauf badmash’ start getting scared of law and start behaving like gentlemen.

It is still a dream, as everyday when you switch on the TV, or pick up a newspaper there is news of women being molested, gang-raped or sexually harassed at work by their fellow male-workers. These men have become fearless and feel they are above the law and can’t be punished. Again, these men have become fearless or ‘bekhauf’ as one Hindi news channel titled them, because we the women and our society try to hush the wrong –doings of these men against us. If a woman is gang-raped, general trend of the society is to suppress the issue there and then and pretend nothing happened. And it is this Ostrich nature of ours that gives strength to this gang of ‘bekhauf bad men’. Sorry try as I may, my heart and mind don’t allow me to use the word ‘badmash’ for this sex-starved (for the want of better word) group.

Suppressing means staying SILENT and ignoring the behaviour of these men thus making them bolder with their deeds. So please remember to break the silence and fight for the justice, no woman is alone. You initiate the battle and then see the huge number of people will pour in to support you, because truth prevails! No matter what!

In addition, do remember your abuser, rapist, whoever he is gains his strength from not only your silence but also from your sense of shame. So when the men become ‘BEKHAUF’, we the women need to become ‘Besharam’.