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Today, I start the A-Z Challenge – April 2013. One 30-day month, minus Sundays. 26 Alphabets. A word for each form of abuse that our society is dealing with today!. April 2014 is will be dealing with almost all the social issues. In addition a special thanks to Arlee Bird for bringing this to us. I’m so looking forward to this month of April.

A is for ABUSE! And since April is the child sexual abuse awareness month, I will be blogging not only about child sexual abuse but various forms of abuse. Abuse the word that has been used so much that it seems it has lost its meaning! Abuse can take any form – mental, physical, and verbal among others wherein the abuser uses different means to not only dominate the victim but also humiliate them so that the victim starts having self-doubts. This apart there are other forms of abuse wherein the person is harming oneself and those type of abuse includes drug abuse, alcohol abuse and substance abuse.

In the present society, because of Internet and the influx of various social media sites, abusers have become bold and are using numerous means to abuse their victims. But wait a second, what is the exact meaning of Abuse? How does it affect us as a society and is there any way we stop it? These questions have been disturbing me ever since I have understood this word, its implications and how our society is struggling to put an end to numerous types of abuse that are prevalent in our society.

Definition of Abuse

According to the Oxford Dictionary “Abuse is defined as Use of something to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.” It also means to “treat anyone with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly and to speak to (someone) in an insulting and offensive way.”

Recognising an abuser

Our society has been created in such a way that all of us complement each other pretty well – be it man, woman, child or senior citizens. Each of us have a role in the society and when that role is challenged by one person there is a misbalance and thus an abuser is born. Once an abuser always an abuser! It’s true in most cases but we need to understand that an abuser just like bully thrives on the silence of his victims. So if there is an abuser in your home raise your voice against him. Easier said than done feel most of us, especially the ones who are dealing with abusers day in and day out.

The main aim of the abuser is to shatter the confidence of its victim to the level where only negative thoughts creep in and thus he enjoys the life of a king. To give an example if you have seen the movie Thank You wherein Irrfan Khan admonishes his wife for bringing a cup of tea sans the saucer you feel that he is being difficult. Yes he is being difficult but in a way he is being abusive. Abusive? You may ask how? Well if you remember the definition it says abuse means to speak to someone in an insulting and offensive way and wasn’t the way Irrfan spoke in a sarcastic manner insulting to his wife.

Its repercussions on the society

Well, like I said a healthy society is the one where everyone is treated with equal respect, and there is peace and harmony. However, some of us become greedy and want all the power and control and thus we start abusing everything and everyone who comes in our way. Its affects are visible in the society in the form of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and female foeticide among many other forms of abuse.

Remember an abuse is an abuse and no matter what the form it has extremely bad ramifications on the society – while a verbal abuse can shatter a person’s confidence in opening their mouths in public, mental and physical abuse assault their minds and bodies to the levels that the victim starts having self doubts. So next time you see anyone abusing a person, or an animal please of raise your voice and let them know that you are aware of their behaviour.


Abuser thrives on the silence of the abused! So raise your voices and speak out!