When I first registered myself for the A to Z challenge I didn’t have any theme in mind. However, as I read more about the challenge I realised that having a theme makes it easier for the bloggers. So I decided to create a theme around abuse – social, physical, mental and verbal among numerous other ways we abuse people women and children in general.

And since April is the child sexual abuse awareness month, it will be an added bonus to write about numerous ways women and children are abused by the people who are supposed to be a family for them. So started from the letter A wherein I will be talking about Abuse – its definition, what it means to be abused and everything else it conjures, the rest of the days will see a detailed post on Domestic Violence, HIV AIDS, Working women’s problems to name a few.

Hence keep visiting, reading and also don’t forget to leave your footprints behind so that I can also follow you to your blog’s landing page for some fun and exploration.

All the best for the challenge!