When I talk about women empowerment I don’t just mean to give them an equal status in the society, instead I believe in giving them the right to choose, right to be themselves and right to exercise themselves as human beings and not commodities to be used, abused and then thrown by the men folk in their family. And so when I was approached by Dasra, a non profit organisation that works with philanthropists and other nonprofits to create large scale social change, I couldn’t say no and here I am blogging about their efforts.

Dasra’s motto for the year 2014 is to encourage women empowerment by focusing on adolescent girls (ages 11-19). Unfortunately, India is plagued with issues when it comes to adolescent girls such as domestic violence, child marriages, lack of educational and livelihood opportunities, poor menstrual hygiene and many more.

Yes these are the pressing issues that plague the girls of our country and one needs to blog about it, write about it create awareness about it. And so with the help of NGOs like Dasra we can spread the word. Domestic violence is not a national issue form what I have learned it’s a global issue plaguing women of all societies irrespective of their caste, creed and culture. Dasra is doing more than just empowering women and adolescent girls it is trying to give them their self respect thus introducing them to their self worth.

I think instead of me writing about their efforts I will give few links where you can read about their efforts. These are few of the links I would like to share with my readers



This is the video you must watch and of possible please share


Read about its efforts here—a powerful presentation of the work dne so far


And for a more professional approach do visit their linkedin profile here