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In our day to day life we meet many people whom we would like to ask #what’s that smell boss? But owing to their positions, seniority and sometimes the reason being that it is not polite to comment on somebody’s body odour we tend to keep quiet. However, there are times when we are forced to comment in sarcastic tongue #what’s that smell boss, as the odour is so repulsive it becomes difficult to be even in their vicinity. And in my first job I had the misfortune of working with one such person. Problem – he was at a senior position and talked with loud gestures of hands thus spreading his body odour in the entire area. The AC in his cabin added to our woes and all of us dreaded going near his cabin.

But then, one day, a client, came visiting our office and the moment she stepped inside his cabin she commented what’s that smell boss. Smell?? What smell? Yeah smell! The kind of smell, which comes when someone has not taken bath for couple of days and sweats a lot! Hiding his embarrassment at the revelation he came out of his cabin and started asking if anyone of us are carrying a deodorant? Deodorant!!?!! No, none of us had it and then one of the senior colleague asked why did he need a deodorant?

“The client sitting inside feels that there is a bad smell in the cabin,” this man answered. So, the lady persisted, if there is a bad smell in the room shouldn’t you be looking for a room freshener instead of deodorant?  Ah of course, room freshener, why didn’t think about it before, he said to himself. Perhaps because you know that room freshener won’t solve that problem. Anyway, he got the room freshener and sprayed it liberally in his cabin. But instead of helping it worsened the problem so much that we ended up losing that client and our senior got a lesson of his life that bathing can never replace anything and if he doesn’t want to end up losing all his clients he need to take a regular bath so that no one can dare say again #what’s the smell boss?