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When I first got a mail to do a product review of Four Seasons Wine, I was little sceptical. No it’s not that I have not had wine or any such thing it’s just that – one I am not a wine connoisseur and two I am living in a joint family where drinking is prohibited for men forget about a daughter-in-law drinking and reviewing it. However, husband got really excited and told me to go for it. So here’s what I thought about the Four Seasons Red wine.

Wine unlike your other drinks needs to be savoured in a total relaxed manner – I had learnt when I had attended a wine tasting session at the Ashoka Hotel in Chanakya Puri years back when I was with Asian Age and that lesson had stayed with me. So when I received the bottle of Four Seasons I told hubby that we will open it on Christmas Eve or Day and enjoy it with our plum cake and some cheese. “Why Cheese?” He asked! My dear cheese helps in savouring the wine a little more effectively, as the taste of plum cake will be ruling our mouths, we will not be able to enjoy the silkiness of the wine hence cheese will diffuse the plum cake taste and thus will let us enjoy the beautiful texture of wine.

“Wow! I didn’t know you knew so much about wine drinking,” said he and I well I was gloating under all that praise. Anyway so here’s what I felt about this particular wine. But before that I want to add that all wines have four basic components namely taste, tannins, alcohol and acidity. And it is important to taste a wine before drinking it so that it can be paired with the right food to enhance its taste and texture.

So when I poured the Four Seasons wine into a wine goblet my first step was to look and check out its colour and clarity. The wine was ruby in colour and had a slight tinge of orange at the rim of the glass signifying the age of the wine. Post looking I smelled and hubby was again curious to know as to why I am not drinking it and doing all other things. Well I told him patiently you just don’t drink wine you savour it and by savouring means checking out its colour, clarity, viscosity, smell and then tasting. Once you are done with tasting swallow it and let it hit your throat and keep your senses alive, as that it is the time when you will know the exact taste of the wine– does the taste persists or was it short-lived, was it bitter or sweet? All these things matter while tasting wine and when I am reviewing it I should know what all this means na?

Four Seasons wine had a distinctive taste of plums and berries and pepper and clove make it ideal companion for a roasted mutton or mutton tikkas. Overall the wine tasting session of Four Seasons wine was really enjoyable, as there was some teasing banter from my hubby and some knowledge exchange from my side.