I have been lucky to have thick black waves that had always danced to my tunes, unlike few of my friends’ who straight hair. Thick shiny, vibrantly alive had been a signature style of my mane, and I had loved playing with hairs like wrapping them around my finger to enhance a curl, or blow a fringe away in a filmi style. However, post marriage something changed and my hair stopped listening to me and started falling thus taking away the charm of me playing with them. And that’s when I discovered Dove’s Hair fall Rescue Formula that promised me hair fall control and visible thicker hair in just two weeks.

Boy was I glad? You bet. The Rescue formula works and my hair stopped falling and started looking thicker again. At Dove I realised that there were various factors that were harming my hair like – stress, pollution, eating habits among other things. I also learned how could regain my healthy hair that had always danced to my tunes and become a proud owner of thick black lustrous mane again.

The treatment offered by Dove strengthens and nourishes your hair strands from the roots thus helping you control hair fall. It contains Trichozole active with Ginseng and Soy Protein that helps in reducing the damage at the roots and helps lock your hair firmly in place – so you have the freedom from hair fall in just two weeks. So I used Dove and not only saw but also felt the difference. And now my hair love to play with me and make me feel beautiful and young again.

So if you love your hair and want them to always play with you then listen to this Dove song and let your hair dance to their own tunes or you be the conductor and watch your hair come alive with bounce and live.

This post is a part of #DovePlay. Watch the song here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rebjJcnactk