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If I could specialise in any subject of my choice in the UK, then I would like to go for two of the major subjects I love to study and would want to have a specialisation and they are – English Language and Literature and History of Art at the Oxford University in London.

Why I would like to specialise in these subjects

I am not a graduate in English Language and Literature however; I had always been interested in reading the graduation-level books of my dad – who had graduated with a degree in English language. So then why didn’t I pursue English language for my graduation course – well I guess I lost my senses and applied for Home Science course and there also specialised in Clothing and Textile – though how I struggled through the college only I know and of course my poor teachers who were there for all the help I needed with the course. Anyway coming back to my choice of subject – I want to know everything about the language and the course here is one of the broadest in the UK, hence I would like to pursue this course from Oxford University one of the best universities in the world.

Second course I would like to specialise is in History of Art. While working as a trainee journalist in the features department of one of the leading national dailies in the Indian capital, I got a chance to interview one of the artists on the last day of his exhibition by fluke – our freelance art writer was not available that day and the seniors had pages to work on leaving me – the newly joined employee relatively free to go, visit the exhibition and get the coveted interview. Thankfully it was his first exhibition and mine first interview of an artist – hence both the novices had fun talking about art, creativity and how art and music complement each other, hence I would like to pursue the course here to know the history, and all that is to know and learn about art at Oxford University that possesses unsurpassed resources for the study of visual cultures on a global basis.

And with the hope that one day I would definitely be able to pursue my dream and fulfil it here’s wishing everyone happy studying and gaining knowledge, as Knowledge is indeed great. To know more about courses in the UK follow the link given here http://knowledgeisgreat.in/

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