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Shail's Nest

Shoes, I needed new shoes. That’s why we were at the Bata showroom yesterday. The ‘we’ included, the sis, brother-in-law, the Lord and Master and of course yours truly, the one who needed those shoes. We had been to the beach in the evening, but instead of waiting to catch the sunset in all its glory, we had to beat a hasty retreat. Not of course that we were, rather I was, in such a hurry to buy shoes. The bike rally of the youth wing of a political party, in preparation of their leader’s arrival the next day, had chosen that very time to swarm the road leading to the beach. Rather than be caught in the middle of it all, we made good our escape while we could.  With dinner still some time away, we decided to go shoe-shopping.

So there we were at the Bata showroom. I…

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