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Man eating tigress strikes again... read the headline of the leading newspaper!

“Rohan don’t be late! You know I hate waiting,” said Priyanka.

“You go ahead, I will join you in 15 minutes, Rohan replied.

Priyanka was really excited to shoot this man-eating tigress, which has strayed into the human habitation near Jim Corbett National Park, with her new camera Rohan gifted her on her birthday.

25 minutes later…

Rohan arrived at the designated place and looked at his watch. “Oh hell I am late and now my sister will eat me alive. But where is she?” Rohan thought loudly.

He saw her Range Rover thus he knew that she was here… Did she venture into the Park area alone? He again thought loudly. So he started walking on to the muddy path that lead to the jungle and there on the way he found an orange shoe – Priyanka’s shoe!!! That’s when panic gripped him and he shouted Priyanka, Priyanka.Image

Man-eating tigress attacks a woman—23 year old wildlife photography enthusiast has been the latest victim…

The news flashed on his mobile and somewhere in the background he heard the faint lyrics of 25 minutes too late!

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