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Have you ever felt that if only you could turn back the time and undo certain things then perhaps your life would have been a little better or you would have been a little happier? I wonder what the fascination with turning the time back is and undo lots of things that we had done in the past and are regretting doing them!

If I could turn back the time I would definitely unmeet lots of people so as to make my life peaceful and stress free and undo the mistakes my younger self committed! I would relive my childhood and choose my friends wisely, be less naive and worldly wise. I would trust more and doubt less and give people a benefit of doubt!

But then an inner voice asked me do I actually think that if I remove all these experiences from my life would I be different person? And another voice answered perhaps yes! More confident? Yes! Able to stand for myself? The voice answered with a big Yes! More at peace with myself? Yes again.

But then this would be possible only if I could turn back the time! Bliss is definitely ignorance and accepting yourself with all your faults and shortcomings said the other voice. Hmmm! I rest my case here! If only I could turn back the time….ImageImage