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Winter is the worst time for my hair, as they become dull, frizzy and difficult to maintain. Dryness I manage with hot oil massages, but frizz is a different matter altogether. No amount of oiling or conditioning helps in controlling the frizz especially in the winter season.


No frizz hair


Then I came across Sunsilk’s shampoo with Frizz control and I was like why not try it this winter, and so I got the shampoo and a conditioner with it. I was little sceptical about using it because after all I have seen it with my own eyes bigger promises going down the even bigger drain; so with little trepidation and cynicism galore I applied that shampoo on my shoulder-length of wavy hair. I massaged the way I was supposed to according to the instructions on the bottle and then rinsed them with hot water and then conditioned my hair with the condition.

Next was to pat them dry with towel and comb through the waves to detangle them and let them dry on their own. It was during this time the promise of Sunsilk’s Shampoo with Frizz Control formula would be tested. So I waited for my hair to dry, as I went on doing my normal household chores and SURPRISE, SURPRISE – no frizz in my hair and this after I had a pillow fight with five year old, did the entire kitchen work and other small things around the house without a single frizz in my hair. I was so delighted with the results that I even recommended it to my friends with curly hair who used to have the same problem!

And so Sunsilk came to my rescue and recharged my hair so now they bounce and a form a perfect wave. And if you have any queries about your hair then visit http://www.sunsilk.in/ to get all your queries cleared. So what are you waiting for log on and get your hair recharged super quick?