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Though we have moved into the fourth day of the New Year, the freshness this brand new year brought with it still lingers in the air. And so when I do these posts of looking back at the past year, I am not trying to go backwards instead I want to remember the mistakes of the past year so that those are not repeated in the coming year. Personally the past year had mixed results for me.

My brother A finally tied knot last year in April and in the same month I lost my job (after due increment and the advance salary of three months, as the company closed down its business due to financial restrictions.). The negative side of this was that I was home the entire day doing all the household chores, as the maid decided to quit at the same time as well. The positive side of this was that I got to spend more time with Prince A and he was happy to have his momma around all the time.  

Health of the family members also deteriorated in 2013, as father-in-law had a by-pass surgery and both hubby and brother-in-law were down with high fever and throat infections. Thankfully everything turned out okay. Health of parents was also a major concern as they are also ageing and hence suffering from age-related problems. However, by the end of the past year there was some good news, as there was a birth of new life in our family and so everyone was happy at the time of New Year’s Eve.

On another level my freelancing career took off again last year and I also became active with my blogs as well. So personally the year was not that satisfactory for me and hence I am hoping that 2014 will spell some positive changes for me personally.