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It is that time of the year again. New Year, new goals, new aspirations, and a time to revive old dreams and make them into a new reality, and this is what a resolution is all about, right? Right!

Yet it is found that year after another year the resolutions which were made at the beginning of the New Year with so much enthusiasm fail within a month of making them. And people are back from where they started. And take heart it is not just you who cry for failed New Year resolutions. Everybody around the globe feel that way. So what are the reasons for failed New Year resolutions?

Let’s examine the reasons one by one.

1. Unrealistic goals

While setting the goals people tend to forget that they are humans and that they just have 24 hours everyday. So instead of setting unrealistic goals which can not accomplished easily or which will take more than a year to accomplish people should try and concentrating on goals which are easily achievable. Planning to quit smoking? Set a goal of slowly cutting on the number of cigarettes instead of quitting smoking altogether at once.

2. Set easy goals

While setting the goals as New Year resolutions one should act sensibly and practically. Hence set the goals that are easy to achieve so that you can celebrate the success and hence feel motivated to take on the task which otherwise look or feel daunting. Like said above if you are planning to quit smoking then set a goal of reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day. When you achieve that goal you feel proud of the accomplishment and feel motivated to quit smoking completely.

3. Unwritten goals

People usually set New Year resolutions but forget to write them down anywhere. Unwritten goals are erased from the memory within days of making them. And since there is no way a person can keep a track of the set goals he or she tends to let them go. So the second step towards ensuring the success of New Year resolutions is to write them down.

4. Add some subtract some

Be realistic and realise that you just have 24 hours and in that 24 hours you have to do everything. So analyse your situation and see if you want to add some commitments then subtract some other commitments. You can not have everything and it is not realistic so be practical and decide what you really want and then concentrate on that.

5. Reward yourself

After each time you accomplish your set goal reward yourself either with a pat on the back or some sweet treat whichever that makes you happy as a person. Now that you have accomplished your one goal and have also rewarded yourself sufficiently, it is the time to have a look at the other goals and plan accordingly.

6. Monthly evaluation

Apart from the above mentioned steps it is important that you do a monthly evaluation of each goal that you set. And make a chart of your progress in each of the goal. If you have accomplished a goal write ‘goal successfully accomplished’. This will not only keep you on the track but will also help you in making a decision as to which goal is the problem area and how you can solve that problem to accomplish that goal.

So here’s to your New Year Resolutions success.