Do you believe in miracles? I know I do. In fact, there is one type of uncommon miracle that many of us have created in our minds that we actually strive to achieve everyday–only to fall short “occasionally”–at least as far as we are willing to admit. What’chu you talkin’ ’bout, Toy? (in the Gary Coleman voice) After all, isn’t every miracle inherently “good”? Good is actually relative to the perception of the person relating to that which is good. So now that we’re back at square one, let’s go ahead and do the big reveal. What is this “uncommon miracle”? Wait for it:  It is – drum roll please:  the MIRACLE of perfectionism!

Yes, sometimes we just want to get it ALL right. *scratch record* Actually, for a certain percentage of the earth’s population, many of us always actually want and somehow expect to get EVERYTHING right –…

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