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Watching all the fairness cream and face wash advertisements on TV – I wonder why our nation is so obsessed with fair skin. Is it the acceptance it seeks from the Caucasian race or is it just another fad of aping West? Whatever it is, it is not doing any good to our youngsters who are increasingly becoming appearance conscious and forgetting about our values and cultures.

You switch on the TV there are actors/cricketers all promoting the beauty of fair skin as if Dark can’t be beautiful. You eavesdrop on a conversation between four-year-olds and you will realise what damage is being done with all this propaganda of Fair is Beautiful.

However, the campaign ‘Dark is Beautiful’, with its new champion in film actress Nandita Das is hoping that it will be able to put a stop to the country’s increasing appetite for skin whitening products. When the Badshah of Bollywood SRK started promoting Fair and Handsome concept – I was like wait a minute wasn’t it Tall Dark and Handsome concept that ruled until now. All the romantic novels had their heroes as tall dark and handsome men in their prime not afraid of hard work or physical labour. So what has changed now?

Our lifestyle – sitting in an AC office, driving in an AC car and shopping in an AC mall, today’s generation doesn’t know what it is to sweat out in the sun. Hence if they see a tan they run for fairness creams.

Going back to my point why the obsession – I personally feel that it has something to do with all the insult, humiliation we suffered as a nation under the British rule and to show the world that look we have come this far – this obsession with fair skin. The concept of Fair is beautiful is widely visible in the northern part of the country and more so in Delhi, where the young girls are so obsessed with this white colour that they apply layers and layers of make-up just to look fair and beautiful.

Whatever the reason, all I can say is that it is harming the society more than doing any good. Hence instead of blindly promoting fair is beautiful – we should promote that every individual is beautiful irrespective of its skin colour. I personally feel that it is the inner glow and beauty that makes an individual beautiful and not any outside sources like creams or face wash, as claimed in the advertisements.