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Friends – the word itself conjures up memories childhood is filled off, however there is always one special friend with whom you shared secrets and played pranks on others both in your growing years and one in your grown up years. I too have one such friend and her name is S in my growing up years. A year senior to me, I met S when we had shifted to our rented apartment. She was playing with her cousin and I saw her or rather saw two girls— S and her cousin – playing cards in the park. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship that we both cherish even today.

Those were the days when playing house-house or hide and seek were the order of the evening. Those fun-filled and carefree days of childhood when everything was either black or white! S and I had many things in common – we both were Army brats, we both went to the same school and though a year apart we were in the same section. And so our friendship strengthened and we became inseparable.

Then came summer vacations and we both went to our respective native places and when I came back I sensed something was changed. There was no one at S’s home and the house also had a deserted look. My one and only friend had gone and I didn’t even know where? I was sad and unhappy, evenings had lost their charm and there was no fun stepping out of house and make new friends.

Then one fine day I had a surprised guest – S! Oh my God! Where had you gone and she told me that they have shifted house and since everything happened so fast she didn’t get time to tell me about that.  No issues! We were united and that what mattered the most. So from then onwards it was spending the entire day with each other’s place. Just like adults get to do and what a fun it used to be spending the Sunday with your best friend. Then came the day when our dads got posted to different locales and we were again separated but this time we had each other’s address and promised to write to each other.

With that promise I went on with my life and made some new friends but none could match the beauty of my friendship with S till I met T. T is three years senior to me and though our fathers knew each other from previous postings that they had together, I and T were not open to each other. Her sister P was in our school and was a year senior to me (though only class wise).

Anyway it was only after college when I and T became close friends. It so happened that I met with an accident after my college and it was T who brought some books for me to read during the time I was bedridden. And then after reading the books we would talk about them. Other thing that binds us is our passion for writing. Yes, she is also a journalist and a writer by profession and one of my biggest inspirations. And today when Dove and Indiblogger  gave me the chance to write about friends – all I could think was of these two lovely ladies who brought loads of love, laughter and happiness in my life just with their presence.