I was just wondering why all the interesting thoughts that would make some excellent posts visit me when I am most incapable of recording them on paper? Yes most incapable – well you see I can’t keep a pen and paper in the washroom now, Can I? Perhaps I can! But then if the washroom is shared one with almost the entire family then keeping a pen and paper becomes difficult. Why you may ask?

For starters, in-laws won’t understand my pressing need to put a pen and paper in the washroom. They will be like what will you do with a pen and paper in the washroom? You are going for a bath and not writing something so please finish the task and come out and then do whatever writing you want to do. Ah! If only you understood my need to have a pen and paper in the washroom so that I may record the chasing thoughts in my brain that play – Catch me if you can – with me in the washroom.

Sitting in a bathtub I imagine all the topics I can and will write on and when I come out the slate is clean maybe not as clean there are some hazy ideas that are left behind, which get cleaned when I get involved in the household work. (boohoo). So this time round I thought why not take a pen and paper with me and record all the thoughts in it and then later on I can develop on them. But then before I could enter the washroom MIL entered and out she came with what is THIS doing HERE? S I am fed up with your things cropping up at unexpected places. Well lady why did you enter the washroom before your turn. Serves you right! The mean streak in me struck its head.

Anyway, so here I was again playing catch n catch with my thoughts while they mocked me, taunted and teased with their presence at the most inconvenient time. So here’s wishing to my success that one day I will capture them and make them my slave.

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