The tenth day of October is the day I was blessed with a brother who is now a renowned personality in US as RJ Sahil. And today here’s a special post to wish him a very Happy wala budday.

kinnu 1

…In his various moods


Sahil meaning ‘Kinara’ in Hindi was a bundle of joy for his parents, grandparents (maternal and paternal) and his uncles and aunts (maternal and paternal). And with his arrival our gang of four brothers and sisters (two each) was completed. Not knowing at that time that the games that we will be playing in those days will become fond memories of today, binding us with a love so strong that transcends time and distance.

Hence started the fun of waiting for summer vacations, when all of us would be visiting Agra bua and her family and all four of us (mom, dad, brother and myself).

Interestingly, the adults in the family thought that both the As (brother A and sister A) had similar personalities, whereas me and Sahil had similar personalities. And the kind of games we chose also reflected that. Though most of the times, we played outdoor games like Army-Army (coming from an Army background we did have that influence on us) where the war is on and we have to climb obstacles to get our Army post free from the clutches of enemy Army.

We also enacted family dramas like chunni-chunni ( we created our own games and titled them with the first thing that came to our minds). This one inspired from the Pak TV being aired in Amritsar during those days (don’t know if it is still on) but the drama was sort of entertainment for the entire family and we sisters started identifying each other by the names we chose for the drama. So whenever we want to travel to our childhood we use those names and we are drifted to the time when life was nothing but a game.

kinnu 2

Today each of us is successful in our own terms and I am really proud of them, however Sahil is the one who has become a celebrity in his own right. He is the RJ of the only Bollywood Internet Radio station in the US — Mera Sangeet and judging by the comments on his FB page quite popular with his female fans. And since today is his birthday here’s wishing you loads of success and happiness. Happy Birthday Brother. Love you