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Yippee! It is October again and the time of fun frolic and festivities, with a slight nip in the air and celebrations galore, October is the month when all over the world autumn is welcomed with open hands and summer is bid farewell till the next season. October is also the month when the entire world is busy celebrating one festival or the other – Halloween, Oktoberfest, and Navratri among others.

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Apart from the usual festivals, over the years October has also become synonym with one of the most deadly cancer affecting women all over the globe – yes BREAST CANCER. We all know, have heard, read and some of us have written about it. The Pink Ribbon Crusade is growing stronger and stronger each year and is helping more and more women to come forward and talk about it.

 ImageFor all those who didn’t know this – October is also the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH and PURPLE is the colour for this crusade. So if you see anything, hear anything please do RING THE BELL and be a crusader for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


Yes, I had written about fun and frolic but I don’t think I can have fun when the entire world is reeling under two demons plaguing are society like termites and rendering it hollow from inside. In both the cases WOMEN is the one who surfers and ironically she is supposed to be the nurturer and the not the one who suffers.

Hence calling all my men friends, family and near and dear ones let’s take a pledge that from this day we will ensure that our women go for mammography and also to RING THE BELL if we hear, see or come across anyone indulging in Domestic Violence. Let’s do it for our Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and daughters – in- laws and any other woman in our life.

And on that note I promise a post on fun and frolic side of October.  

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