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 Celebrating Hindi Diwas on September 14

Today is Hindi Diwas said my teacher and I was perplexed, as I had not heard about this day before I took admission in a Kendriya Vidhyalaya.  Baroda, Gujarat. Being an Army Officer kid, getting an admission was not a problem but adjusting to the ambience of Central School as compared to the Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan (TAPS) was certainly an uphill task and hence a huge problem for an eighth grader. 

Like I said getting an admission was no huge task but adjusting to the school environs was for both me and my brother. The first problem we faced was of certain subjects being taught in Hindi. A subject like Social Studies was taught in Hindi and though we had the subject in English it was more or less a culture shock for both me and my brother. I had not recovered from this shock when on September 14, it was announced in the assembly that today is Hindi Diwas and everybody is encouraged to speak in Hindi (Of course this was all announced in Hindi). This apart, the Principal had requested all the staff members to sign in Hindi. So far so good, I thought.

What’s the big fuss of celebrating Hindi Diwas in a school, which, though of being dual medium prefers Hindi medium as a mode of education? I asked few classmates and they didn’t give any satisfactory answers. So I let the questions remain question for some time and enjoy the day.

Anyway coming back to the topic of Hindi Diwas, so what exactly is Hindi Diwas and why is it celebrated? Interestingly the Constituent Assembly of India in 1949 adopted Hindi as the official language of the country on September 14 and since then in order to mark the acknowledgement of Hindi as an official language, Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on September 14. In fact Hindi has an interesting history (which would make for another post).

Ok so that was the history of celebrating Hindi Diwas in schools, colleges and certain government offices as well. In our school apart from regular celebrations teachers were asked to sign in Hindi. So we all got excited to see how the teachers will leave their significant marks in Hindi. And that day each and every student got their notebooks checked. Just to have the signatures of their favourite teachers in Hindi.

After that I waited for next year’s Hindi Diwas and then in the third year dad was posted out of Baroda and we were again in an Army School where there was no Hindi Diwas celebrations, however the celebrations from those two years of my schooling in Kendriya Vidhalaya stuck with me and today I told my five-year-old that today is Hindi’s Birthday – concept he understands better.

This post has been lying with me for quite some time now.  I was not able to do anything on my blog because of a virus that was withholding my blog to upload fully.

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