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In India most of the organisations are six days a week although the trend is changing the progress is really slow hence when after a gruelling work at week people yearn for some simple ways to spend their Sundays with family. So here are eight ways to spend that lazy Sunday leisurely:

1. Picnic

Yes, go for a picnic to some nearby destination where there is peace and solitude and to break the monotony of city life with its entire hustle bustle. Pack a light picnic basket, some outdoor games like cricket kit, badminton rackets, or whatever you want to play. And yes don’t forget to pack in some fresh fruits to munch for the time when you feel like snacking. If you are going with children then ensure to pack food that is less messy and easy to eat as children will be more interested in playing rather than eating. What you can pack for picnic lunch – some sandwiches (either vegetable or chicken or boiled egg), biscuits, fruits like grapes, apples, bananas, oranges, anything that does not need cutting or slicing. Apart from that you also pack in some chips and fresh lemonade along with cold drinking water. Don’t forget to pack paper plates, napkins, and rugs as you will need them to spread your picnic basket on.

2. Kite Party or Card party

You can arrange for either a kite party or a card party at home. If you have a terrace all the more good as you can arrange a kite party there with tables set in the corner. On one table you can put various kites and thread that is used for flying and on the other tables you can set the eatables. Ensure that the food is not heavy stuff but something light like sandwiches, chips, cakes, biscuits, things which are filling enough but not the ones that require a person to sit at one place and eat. Also don’t forget to keep a jar of fresh lemonade, drinking water and some tea and coffee.

3. Hunting for a bargain at Tibetan market

This is another way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can go either with your family or with friends or both and enjoy some great shopping experience at Tibetan markets. The market offers woollens, handbags, footwear, electronic items, jeans, casual wear, jackets, jewellery all at affordable prices. And if you get tired of shopping then you can order some dimsums with mint chutney, or noodles or some hot soup to satisfy your taste buds.

4. Terrace barbeque

This is an ideal way to spend the Sunday especially on a cold winter day. If you don’t have a terrace fret not; you can also do it in the garden or else you can take the grill to some nearby place where there is a nice view and some greens. It is the best way to spend time with your friends and family as all of you can gather together to make merry. The basic idea is to spend time together and have fun.

5. Boating

Boating is another way to spend some quality time with your family and friends. You can choose the destination and then just head to it.

6. Museum visit

If you are a history enthusiast then museum visit is a good option for you and your family. Visiting a nearby museum will not only be educating and interesting trip for children as well but also it will be something different from the boring routine.

7. Watch a movie

Lazy buff that you are, you don’t want to go anywhere and just lie down. Then grab a movie watch it with your family at your home theatre. Or else scan the channels to see whether there is a movie that you and family would like to watch.

These are just few ways to spend a Sunday. You can think your own ways and don’t forget to write about them to me as well.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.