Prince A had been pretty excited about his birthday on August 31 since last seven days and was counting how many days left for my birthday. This apart, he kept saying that I will be five on this birthday – a big boy, so when he asked me “momma how old will I be on this birthday,” I replied by saying Seven minus Two will be your age this birthday.

And the poor chap was confused and despite trying hard to get the exact answer from me, the Prince went to his grandfather and asked him, “Daadu how much is seven minus two?” My FIL is also one smart man so pat he replied “Don’t you know?” I have taught you how to calculate. So do it and tell me and your mommy as well.”

So the Prince started counting and said “Five.”

“Yes, good!” replied the FIL. “Now go and tell your mom that I will be five on this birthday as seven minus two is five.”

“Momma, I will be five years old on this birthday, as Seven minus Two is Five,” replied Prince A.

“Yes, son! Seven minus two is five, but since saying five simply is so boring hence to add some fun on your birthday I said ‘Seven minus two years old,” replied the clever me.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.

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