On 13th July 2013, when I opened my blog and I saw that wordpress had sent me a message saying Happy Anniversary and I realised that it was seven years since I have been blogging. Though I have not been that regular with my blogging but whenever I have had it has been a rewarding experience.

I remember starting my blog with blogpress, then opening a blog on rediffblog.com and then finally on wordpress. I had a wonderful time at Rediffblog but it was at wordpress that my blog got some recognition. So today when I look back I feel that there has been a tremendous positive change in the world of blogging.

Seven years back when I had started blogging, with the blog Art and Culture, I was not clear what I wanted to write on. It was started on an impulse to write about the art exhibitions or anything related to art but became a potpourri of everything and anything that affected me as a person. In addition blogging back then was not much appreciated as it is done today.

In those days blogging was considered as a pastime of bored housewives, students and anyone who had ample time on their hands and a space to vent their frustration. However, in the recent years there has been a drastic change in the world of blogging all thanks to the blogging platforms like Indiblogger, blogadda and few others that provide a platform to Indian bloggers to share their writings with the rest of the country.

Today, a blogger is considered as a voice of aam junta of the world, who is not scared to express his or her views on social issues plaguing the society. Add to this is the fact that media publications are also taking note of what bloggers are writing and wherever necessary giving them due credits as well. Companies are relying on their reviews for the successful marketing of their newly-launched products.

Though there are still few who think that bloggers are not writers, there are double the numbers of people who rely on these bloggers for various vital information they provide on their blogs. So when today I celebrate seven years of blogging I hope to add another seven years of experience to my blog and see it flourish as one of the best blogs on Art and Culture.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013.

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