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wowbadgeTeens these days are pretty phone savvy,” said an old friend to me. Yes, they are,” I agreed readily but was curious to know why she said that I asked her, “What makes you say that.”

“Oh you wouldn’t believe what happened in the metro while I was coming to the office,” said the friend. What happened, by this time I was curious,” I asked.

“There was this young girl must be around 16 or 17 carrying the latest smart phone version and busy chatting with someone or so I thought until the phone rang,”  replied my friend.

“The conversation she was having with the phone was more interesting than with the person on the other end. So this is what I overheard in the metro,” revealed the friend.

“So you will be my new companion from now on,” said the girl.

“Yes, I will be,” said the smart phone.

“Let me tell you, that I still love my old phone Nokia 5233. So you never know when I have a reverse mood swing and I go back to my old phone,” said the girl.

“Ouch! That hurt sweetie. I am one of the latest versions of smart phones available in the market and here you are stuck with your Nokia fascination,” the phone said.

(Interrupting in between the friend said, “Here, I must admit I have never seen any teen to be a brand loyal and this girl was a refreshing change.”

“Really, so what smart apps you have to keep me entertained,” the girl said in irritated tones.

“Well for starters, you can be online 24*7, said the phone.

“Ha, big deal that I could do with my Nokia 5233 as well, what’s so smart in that?” asked the girl.

“You can click pictures and instantly upload them and also choose from my variety of emoticons to express your feelings, as well,” said the phone.

Whatever, I don’t think I want to carry you everyday to college with me, I am already missing my old phone,” said the girl.

“But all your friends were in praise of me and my features and they all wanted to touch, feel and use me just one time, except you. I wonder if you are sane enough to know my importance,” said the phone.

Interrupting again the friend said that she was amused to hear that a phone is trying to convince her owner to use it instead of her old phone. And so she listened on to see who wins in the end.

“Yes, because they think that a smart phone is a status symbol they must acquire,” the girl said

“And you think otherwise!” asked the phone.

Yes, definitely. I think people should be smart and phones, well phone should be phones only,” said the girl.

“Hmmmm! Replied phone.

“No offence intended, but with the advent of smart phones, people are forgetting basic social etiquettes, as they are always busy with their phones and I don’t like that. That’s the reason I don’t like smart phones because I don’t want to become a phone addict and that’s what one becomes with a smart phone,” said the girl.

“I didn’t get to hear the phone’s response, as I had to de-board at my station, but I am sure the phone must have been impressed by this girl who refused to follow the trend instead stood for what she believed in,” said the friend.

But we all were left wondering what would have been the phone’s response to that. Any guesses?

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